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Sinead is the cool:

Everything you never wanted to know about me, and more...

25 September 1990
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accents, acting, alice in wonderland, ambidexterity, animals of farthing wood, australian open, bad education, ben lee, birds, black books, bob evans, brad sherwood, bright eyes, brokeback mountain, buffy the vampire slayer, chaser’s war on everything, chip esten, chris lilley, chris taylor, cluedo, colin mochrie, comedy, comic books, crowded house, darren hanlon, david o'doherty, dead poets society, demetri martin, disney, doctor who, donkey kong, drawing, drew carey, drew carey show, dylan moran, ed kavalee, eddie perfect, eskimo joe, eugene mcguinness, fanfiction, fawlty towers, firefly, flight of the conchords, foreign languages, friends, gael garcia bernal, gareth david-lloyd, gomez, good news week, gotye, green wing, greg proops, hamish and andy, harry potter, heath ledger, house m.d., ianto jones, jeff davis, john barrowman, josh lawson, julian barratt, kind of pluto, lame jokes, lano & woodley, laughapoolooza, lord of the rings, mario kart, martin martini, maximo park, melbourne international comedy festival, michael gondry, mine all mine, monty python, nintendo, noel fielding, northern exposure, old school video games, peter pan complex, pirates, plastic soldiers, poetry, polar bears, post modernism, procrastination, radiohead, rafael nadal, reading in pyjamas, roald dahl, robot chicken, roger federer, ross noble, russell brand, ryan stiles, sammy j, school of rock, scrubs, sexually ambiguous men, shaun micallef, slash, spicks and specks, studio ghibli, teddy bears, teen girl squad, tennis, thank god you're here, the beatles, the bedroom philosopher, the fantastic leslie, the glass house, the living end, the mighty boosh, the motorcycle diaries, the mountain goats, the princess bride, the producers, the science of sleep, the sideshow, the sketch show, the umbilical brothers, the white stripes, the wombats, the young ones, they might be giants, tim burton, tim minchin, torchwood, tripod, trogdor the burninator, vintage, wayne brady, weasley twins, whose line, wil anderson, wimbledon, writing